The University of Tokyo Center for Aviation Innovation Research

Center for Aviation Innovation Research

Center for Aviation Innovation Research is an inter-disciplinary organization within the University of Tokyo, established in August 2009.

Its main objectives are

  • to research on aviation innovation from a wide range of views, including aeronautics, aviation policy, and economics.
  • to help create the aviation industry as one of the leading industries in Japan as well as to contribute to realize maximum utilization of the airspace by developing a set of policy recommendations.
  • After 20 March 2019, Please visit for the latest infromation of CAIR.

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We published a roadmap of alternative jet fuels supply chain in Japan as the result of Initiatives for Next Generation Aviation Fuels (INAF) in Japan →*Press release in Japanese**Report in Japanese**Appendix in Japanese**Appendix 2 in Japanese**Roadmap translated into English*

We published Whitepaper for Aviation Industry in July 2014 in Japanese -Summary- -Abstruct- -Main-

We published a report of from our symposium "Regional Airport and the future of regional airports" in 22th Jan. 2013 *here (in Japanese)*

We have put lecture contents of the graduate school into a textbook "aviation business, technology to industrial and policy" (in Japanese). This book published from Today print is the first text book to offer the overview of the complex and wide aviation business.

Our activity was presented at   Todai Reseasrch

The document of the symposium "Roles and Challenges for the Earthquake" on 17th May 2011 is now here (in Japanese)

The document of the symposium "Aviation of Japan 100 years anniversary forum : Think about the Aviation future of Japan" is now here (in Japanese)